Easy Mittens with A Hundred Ravens yarn

Challenged by amazing Shanna and Jaymie from Strings & Moore Podcast I could not resist to take part in their #smmittalong2017. I knew it is an easy and quick knit especially when I got a strong feeling to knit with A Hundred Raven worsted weight yarn which I received with a KnitCrate Box - check my Unboxing video, where under a video on YouTube you can find a 20% discount code for any of your first box. It is a fun and exciting way to receive yarn which you may share with someone you like. Oh well, I may not share this yarn as I love that grey blackish colour it gives, especially that everyone is in a mood for a Halloween. Perfect colour, but I am still missing a hat - of course I need a matching set.

knit Grey Mittens

Unusual mittens... I know, that shaping... I know. I just couldn't resist to try. You can easily make them without that, by just knitting in a round after stitches collection. What I like about them, there are snug and fit.