Frozen Mystery SHAWL by Nordic Stitches with Babbles Yarns

Beautiful shawl with a perfect yarn knitted with a friend - perfect match. It doesn't look the way it should I run out of yarn just go and watch my Finish Object Video and I will tell you all about it. However, I am so happy with a final look and even though I haven't done a few rows this shawl is big enough to keep me warm and cozy. Fancy to knit it check the materials I used especially my new tags.

Sonay SHAWL by Justyna Lorkowska with Kerry Woollen Mills yarn

Why not to spoil someone or even yourself and knit this amazing shawl in bulky or as I did aran weight yarn. Check this pattern Sonay SHAWL by Justyna Lorkowska. I knitted it for my sister but I would love to keep it for myself too. It is amazing shawl and I can't even imagine knitting it in a soft merino yarn not like me 100% wool. I can't complain I think I will knit another shawl with Kerry Woollen Mills yarn soon. As you can see on the video I have other colours too. However, that petrol colour with white is just stunning. I love every stitch of this shawl. Check what else Justyna has Justyna Lorkowska's Designs.

So Close SHAWL by Viktoria Zachanowich

I have this please to knit So Close SHAWL by Viktoria Zachanowich. I thought is going to be a challenge as it takes more then 3 skeins of yarn - 366g. It is reversible shawl it was so much fun to knit as each element of each section has info how many grams or meters you will need. You can use your imagination and play with colours. I am going to knit a matching hat but I have already two hats that I am going to wear with this shawl - Forgotten Path Hat (Paid for Pattern) and In The Park Hat (Free Pattern). This shawl is mine.

Stargazer Shawl pattern by Marsha Ibuki, yarn Madame Tricote Paris

I received Stargazer Shawl by Marsha Ibuki as a gift. When I saw it I knew who is going to love it. This is may Christmas present. As some of you may know with knitting you need to start your preparations a little bit earlier. I think it is going to be perfect present.

knit Kaippu Shawl FREE PATTERN by Tina Huhataniemi in Drops yarn

FREE PATTERN with a lace that looks like butterflies - love it. I knit this shawl as a gift and I already know who is going to be an owner - Kaippu Shawl by Tina Huhataniemi. We have a two charts for a lace pattern which after those two charts you just go for it yourself - unless I made mistake with stitches and somehow I couldn't come back to chart A, but it is easy enough to go so with it.

knit Homestead Shawl pattern by Marsha Ibuki

I recommend this pattern when you what a break, you need to relax and see that something beautiful without too much effort is creating under your fingers Homestead Shawl pattern by Marsha Ibuki. I received so many things as gift most from my Canadian friends and I feel like this shawl with my Leaf Hat is my imaginary trip to Canada - thank you.