crochet BASKET - Kerry Woollen Mills yarn

My hair dryer needed a basket and I decided that for fun without any help (pattern) I will try to create something new. I had a few attempts so please watch video and have a good, healthy laugh. Learning curve at least in my age is all about it - big, good laugh.

At the end I used Tunisian Crochet technique for a bottom and a single crochet stitch (I think) for the walls. I hope it will inspire you to grab a hook and try something new.

knit Dream Whisperer by Jenn Sheelen - 100% wool

Another amazing Jar Cover designed by Jenn Sheelen. I think it is such a cute idea for present or for yourself. I have already knitted one Jar Cover by Jenn Sheelen - Faerie's Lights. You need to check it too. You can get this pattern on revelry or save a bit and buy it from Jeen's website check links down below. I will be giving this for Christmas to my sister. No worries, she is not into my knitting adventures, she will not know.

knit Grandmother's Favorite Dishcloth by Vintage - yarn DROPS Paris & needles Boye

I have a plenty of Drops Paris 50g balls and didn't know what to do with them until now. Check this out FREE PATTERN Grandmother's Favorite Dishcloth by Vintage. I knitted three at the moment and now it is time for testing. I will definitely review and tell you more how I used them and am I happy or not with them - check my future knitting podcast. I'm so curious myself. It is quite a fast knit and I preferred first half of the project than second - if you don't mind sharing that much with you :) - Let me know under the video when was your first time you knitted a washcloth/dishcloth and if you haven't done it yet let me know too - that way I will not feel alone.

knit Faerie's Firelight Jar Cover by Jenn Sheelen - yarn 100% Polish wool, needles HiyaHiya Sharp

Pattern for a Christmas Gift but not only just under €5 on raverly (LINK BELOW) or check Jenn's SHOP under €4. Even though this pattern intimidated me when I had it in my favourites on revelry I knew one day I am going to knit it. Jen sneaked into my account and checked what I like - when she noticed her pattern she gifted it to me. I was delighted but frighten at the same time - as I then truly, really, now! wanted to knit it. Without further a do (I hope I wrote this phrase right ;) ) I picked yarn and start knitting.... size, gauge whatever I will buy a new jar to fit it. Luckily it was easier than I thought. Sum up if I could do it you can definitely do it too. Go check below links and have some fun :)

Organise your BUTTONS - make a frame

I bought some new BUTTONS and thought that as they are so pretty I would love to see them every day. I had some old picture frames and painted them in white so the only contrast that I will get is colourful buttons.

To make this frame it took me max 10-15min and I could enjoy my new display. I need to make more and maybe sort them by colour. What do you think?

Knit a Tissue Cover

From time to time I like to knit something different then hats and one of those things is a tissue cover. I knitted plenty of them Tissue Cover collection, however most of them were given away. I have them in the kitchen, bedroom, hall, bathroom, living room and now time has come for a caravan.

You probably want to know from where did I get this pattern.