Mosaico Sweater by Filipa Carneiro with Drops Lima

I love knitting for other people. I still don't feel comfortable with my gauge and not sure what size I am going to get but over all I love this element of surprise. It also makes me happy to knit with the yarn, new pattern and see a happy face of a person who wears by little thing. I can't wait to gift hand knit sweater to my sister.

Potluck Pullover by Viktoria Zachanowich with KnitCrate yarn

I received this beautiful pattern from designer and as it fitted my gauge I casted on straight away. Go watch my finished object video as I talk about it a lot. I have started collar with 2.75mm I think & I have only 1 purl st on the side but the rest it is quite spot on what I did. I love the finished object so much I can't wait to cast on a new fingering weight sweater. Let me know what is your favourite one.

Arboreal Sweater pattern by Jennifer Steingass with 100% Irish Wool

I feel in love with this sweater from the moment I saw it first time. I think I spot it on revelry and did not have a clue who Jennifer Steingass is and how many other amazing designs she has. I love revelry for that too as I feel like a real treasure hunter. Anyway, it took me a while to purchase the pattern, or should I say patterns as there is (I hope it still is) 2for3 discount code in the pattern description. I waited for a few weeks, went to Edinburgh Yarn Festival and on the second day I just purchased 3 patterns for the price of 2. I can't wait to knit them all so stay in touch as more will come. No go watch my finished object video and let me know underneath it what do you think.

BeauB Cardigan by Lamaison Rililie with Drops Puna yarn

I was looking for a pattern to used up my Drops Puna yarn stash and when I received this pattern as a gift I knew I will going to knit it. Please watch my finished object video to hear more. If only I had the knowledge I have now it would had been for me completely different experience. I believe it was just me as you can see there are more finished objects on revelry and knitters were knitting it with a full colour change. I was to big chicken to do so. Anyway, worth knitting if you have knitted a few garments before would not recommended it to a beginner. I love my finished object as the support I got from other knitters is something you are not going to forget and will remember like those school camps you went once.

Humulus Sweater by Isabell Kraemer with WolffundSchafe yarn and Comaragh yarn

My first colour work sweater using such a beautiful yarn DK although the pattern calls for Worsted weight yarn. I got the gauge in DK and in different needles but to hear all about it go and watch my lovely video. I have made some colour modification at the bottom of the sweater but I hope it just gives an extra interest. I love it so much and would recommend to everyone to knit this sweater. The pattern gives you 7 sizes I knitted size small.

Longline CARDIGAN by Joji Locatelli yarn Circustonic Handmade

My first ever Cardigan knitted by me, such a feeling. Second fingering weight sweater. I am so proud of myself that I can't wait to take needles and start a new one. I love hats and if I can cover my head with one I am over the moon, but with a garment when you wrap yourself in such an amazing yarn and hand knit fashion beauty I can't even explain the feeling. Let me know under the video on YouTube what are you knitting? have you ever knitted a garment before? In what weight yarn? was it a pullover or cardigan? or maybe you have something on your needles? Let me know all about it.