Hyde Park Hat pattern by Trysten Molina with 100% Polish Wool

First time I saw this hat on The Girls in The Yarn Cafe Podcast and I knew I will knit it. My yarn choice was 100% Polish wool as I do not have any lace mohair that pattern recommends. Once I got into a groove of knitting it I couldn't stop. Love it so much. Check my finished object video and listen more.

Near The Sea HAT by Barbara Nalewko KnitCrate yarn

Here is my new design a bottom up hat with a folded brim. I hope you are going to enjoy it and thank you so much for your constant support. I love watching what you have on your needles and it melts my heart when I see that you are knitting one of my designs. I received a cashmere blend yarn from KnitCrate and even though it was delivered to me to be socks I could not resist to knit a hat. This blend made me feel so special and I could stop my needles to create this little thing.

Unstoppable Shockwave Hat by Barbara Nalewko with Green Elephant yarn

I am so happy with this hat it is not only a long waited finished work in progress but the fit, design and the whole hat is done with yarn from a local yarn dyer - Green Elephant Yarns. I love the colour and I just realised how cool those two colour ways work together. Unstoppable is from the mini set and Shockwave is the main colour. Who is a pink lover? I love it so much it will look so cute with a little pompom on the top. Let me see if I have any.

Turquoise Hat with WolffundSchafe & Couleurs Mouton yarn

Here is my gift knit hat I haven't posted it on social media as I wanted it to be a full surprise and it was :D I am so happy about it and the way those both yarns WolffundSchafe and Couleurs Mounton yarns worked together giving such a bright but interesting turquoise colour. I love it!!! The hat was knitted with my left overs and under the video on YouTube I leave you links to my previous finish objects ... two hats. I love the finish of it with my little tag with a heart.

Star Hat by Barbara Nalewko with Audine Wools yarn

This hat is my Star Hat. It reminds me of a festive Christmas season but I wear it all the time, just in case someone asks they are not Christmas trees just a crown. I love the top of the hat and the way my star pops out. It is a fitted hat but I have two sizes in this pattern small and medium adult size but I presume that small will fit a child too. All knitted with one size of the needles but you can always add some slouch in the body by changing needles size to slightly bigger. I hope you are going to have fun knitting it. Let me know #knittingilovehat & #starhat.

Green Pear Hat by Barbara Nalewko yarn by KnitCrate

When I get something I love to knit with it straight away. I knew what I was going to do with the yarn I got from the moment I saw it - knit a hat. I had an idea to knit a brim with one end of the yarn and when I finish it I knew I was going to take the other end and stripe the body. I love the final effect and the idea that I could knit this hat using only one skein / one ball / one cake call it whatever you like. I hope you will try to knit this hat and use this fun technique. Let me all about it under the video