knit a 2 year old HAT

Once in a while you may find yourself in a situation and you would like to knit something for a 2 year old (or younger) in one day. This would be perfect and fast, at least I think that way. First thing that I want to tell you is that I made a matching cowl (my boy version with a flap) so check that out too - 2 year old SNOOD COWL.

I recon blue colours are the safest bet and who would not like them. I think there are the cutest thing, to be honest even pink would not be as cute as blue. Don't forget to watch video just clink on the picture above and you can let me know here or under the video what colour you would prefer baby pink or baby blue???

HOW I MADE 2 year old HAT


  • 4.5mm 40cm circular needles - KnitPro
  • 6 markers
  • hook
  • sawing needle
  • yarn - grey - OPUS - Wloczka MIMOZA NATURA DK - 100% acrylic - colour #239
  • yarn - medium blue - HAYFIELD - Bonus DK extra value - 100% acrylic - colour #0998
  • yarn - light blue - HAYFIELD - Bonus DK extra value - 100% acrylic - colour #0730
  • yarn - dark blue - OPUS - Wloczka MIMOZA NATURA DK - 100% acrylic - colour #80


  1. GAUGE: sorry forgot to measure
  2. CIRCUMFERENCE: sorry forgot to measure
  3. HEIGHT: sorry forgot to measure


  1. watch above video as I show how to do a seamless, jobless stitch when you work in a round and with colours - hope that helps
  2. co 60t with double stranded yarn (two threads) - grey colour
  3. ribbing *1k, 1p* for 6 rows - used 7g of grey colour
  4. dark blue used 6g - 9k rows
  5. medium blue used 9g - 9k rows
  6. 2k rows - on second row I placed markers 6,12,12,12,12,6
  7. 1k row - decrease before each marker, I think I did k2tog (stitches should lean to the right)
  8. 2k row
  9. 2x (1decrease row + 1k row)
  10. light blue colour - 1 decrease row
  11. grey colour - 1k row
  12. decrease before each marker each row until you get approx 9sts on all needles,
  13. BO
  14. make a pompom with grey colour and sew it
  15. take a photo and share your creation with me #knittingilove

Enjoy knitting,

Hope to see you next time,