Elf (Harry Potter) Christmas HAT

You probably know that I do not only like knitting but reading too. I love to read and I am super excited if there is a small knitting motive in a book. Therefore, this Elf Christmas Hat is inspired by 5th book of Harry Potter series: Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix.

Not only I used this to make something from a book, but this hat will be my GIVEAWAY for NOVEMBER 2015 as person will probably get it in December, so good timing.

Second of all, I think it will be a good reminder to start knitting Christmas presents, this is normally my time. I hope you will like this idea. Till the next one,


  • 5.0mm 40cm circular needles - KnitPro
  • 4,5mm DPN
  • 1 marker
  • hook
  • sawing needle
  • yarn - green - HAYFIELD -
  • yarn - red
  • yarn - cream -


  1. GAUGE:
  3. HEIGHT:


  1. HAT
  2. cast on 65sts - double stranded yarn (double tread) - colour green
  3. ribbing: *3k+1p* for 8 rows
  4. 9th row: 3k+ *yo+2ktog+k1*
  5. *3k+1p* for 8 rows
  6. fold the piece (height 2inch / 5cm) and join as explained in above video
  7. COLOR WORK (red & cream)
  8. A: 1st cream + *2sts red+2sts cream*
  9. B: *2sts cream+2sts red*
  10. C: 1st red+ *2sts cream + 2sts red*
  11. D: *2sts red + 2sts cream*
  12. if you like you can continue with this colour pattern or do what I did to change direction
  13. 2 rows *2sts red + 2sts cream*
  14. C, B, A, D all repeat a few times until the hat will measure with ribbing 18cm 6inch ( you can do more)
  15. while working on colour work start decreasing
  16. after marker k2tog, 2sts before marker s, k1, psso (or ssk)
  17. BO when you have 2,3 sts
  18. POMPON
  19. sew pom-pom to the hat
  20. take a photo and share your creation with me #knittingilove (raverly Barbara4x4sb)