SHATTER ME - Thick Woolen Hat | READ & KNIT

Unravel Me TAHEREN MAFI - Thick Woolen Hat | BOOK KNITTING

You know that I love HATS and you may know that I like to read from time to time. Lately, I have finished the series SHATTER ME by TAHEREH MAFI (#1 Shatter Me, #1,5 Destroy Me, #2 Unravel Me, #2,5 Fracture Me, #3 Ignite Me). In the book #2 Unravel Me there is a scene where the main character Juliette needs to blend in a poor civilian area, letís call it that way. She need some camouflage ìSo Iím camouflaged in old, ragged clothes and a thick woollen hat that nearly covers my eyesÖî ( Julliete p 136 Unravel Me by Tahereh Mafi). I really recommend that book not only because of the knitting element into it which also appears in the #3 book Ignite Me, where Juliette mentions ìDark jeans and a soft, navy-blue sweaterî. The whole series is quite amazing and just to point it out I finished first book on 7th of May and the last one on 25th of May, that says a lot ñ check my Goodreads Account.

I created this pattern ages ago, which is very easy made hat. One part of it is a seem stitch the other garter stitch. I wanted something simple, something easy and quite fast. To think of a cheapest think that Juliette could get, a MALE HAT, too big for her.

However, the main focus for me was the texture and colour of the patter. I wanted it to look greyish, as she needed to blend in, and dirty. That's why I used different shades of grey and black. The alpaca wool, acrylic and standard wool mixed together created an illusion of warm, worn, fluffy and second hand hat. Gives that gothic accent, at least I hope it does. ìI look like a civilian. A poor, tortured civilian struggling to find food for her familyî ( Julliete p 136 Unravel Me by Tahereh Mafi).

This is my interpretation of the hat that Julliete wore.



  • 9.0mm 80cm circular needles WORKED FLAT - KnitPro
  • hook
  • tapestry needle
  • marker - I use some yarn leftovers ORANGE BOSTON
  • sccisors IKEA
  • yarn


  1. GAUGE:
  2. cast on 23st
  3. RIGHT SIDE: 6st seed stitch (only one side) + 17st garter stitch
  4. get the appropriate length double what you see on the video
  5. cast off
  6. sew it
  7. take a photo and #knittingilove - I will be more than happy to see your creations on Facebook or Instagram