Brown Crown HEADBAND - Let's GO and KNIT

Finally, a headband for myself. I chose brown and grey colours as they would work with my way to work! I love final effect and will definitely suit more people. I tried to find stitch pattern that shows something but it is not sticking out too much. My head is 21-22inch so it is big enough on it's own, no need to increase anything. Feel free to match things together the way I did it. I am not sure can I write the main pattern info as I found it in the book. Therefore, those of you who are more familiar with needles you probably figure it out anyway.


Knit HEADBANDS for Mother & Daughter

Headbands are NOT identical but have the same colors. Something different but to put something the same. Of course, you can pick one color pattern and follow it. I wanted to do something slightly different. Two people are always unique that's why. It is an easy knit and quite fun.