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Hand Made Bags by Diane - all these bags - beautiful stitch markers / progress keepers - prize ep40

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KALS - knittingILove Ravelry group

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Crafty Spring MAL open until 31st of May

Fourboysandanlgirl Podcast (Patty) - co-host of Spring MAL from 1st of March - 31st of May [CLOSED]


Prize ep40 - THIS EPISODE

Amazing yarn from Monika, my pouches from knittingILove Shop and two patterns New Horizons Set by Jenn Sheelen and my new Forgotten Path Hat.

I draw prizes for:

KnittingILove Podcast ep39

Unboxing video - KnitCrate

Instagram - giveaway new pattern

FO video - giveaway new pattern


knittingILove Revelry thread

June 2017 - WINNER - Grocery Girls (Jodi & Tracie) - congratulations!!!

In The Jar - Wool, Needles, Hands Podcast (Tayler) | Coo Coo For Cowls Podcast (Jillian)

In The Jar - Scrumptiouspurl (Samanta) | The Anxious Knitter (Joy)

WHAT'S OFF - under each Finish Object video on YouTube link to the project page with link to a pattern


Mercury Socks by Kim McKenzie FREE PATTERN Drops Fabel 602 Silver Fox

Stargazer Shawl by Marsha Ibuki PAID FOR PATTERN - is blocking

Toy - from a book - baby & toddler Knits

Sweater - in Drops Flora Petrol

Patterns Mentioned

Homestead Shawl by Marsha Ibuki

New Horizons Set by Jenn Sheelen

Stargazer Shawl by Marsha Ibuki

Forgotten Path Hat by Barbara Nalewko (Me)

So Close by Viktoria Zachanowich - video below

Podcasters Mentioned

I have tagged all mentioned in this post on IG - you can clicked at the @ and you will be sent to their IG account when in their bio most of them have links to their channels

If I forgot about something comment on Rav or YouTube and I will add more info here,

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