knittingILove ep42 - pattern of your choice


Hand Made Bags by Diane - all these bags - beautiful stitch markers / progress keepers

KnitCrate BOXES - 20% OFF with your first box - code: KIL20

lonelarchdesigns - red camping site bag - hat/socks size - yarn in my So Close Shawl - Burgundy colour - Tris

Seawallfibres on Etsy - yarn in my So Close Shawl - only one lace section and one stripe - colours lace Seawall sand, stripe Seawall Beach

Craftfulness on Etsy - yarn colour Pina Colada - My Pina Colada Hat

Tamiwicolors on Etsy - yarn colour orange - My Pina Colada Hat

A Homespun House yarn I used for my So Close shawl and In the Park Hat

RemembrancesPottery buttons on my Leaf Hat

Hedgehog Fibres in Jana's HAT - this beautiful INK colour

Sandy bythelakesite on Etsy - I kept my Pina Colada hat

Green Elephant Yarn Etsy but two skeins during my holidays

Comeragh Yarns on Etsy I am knitting a beautiful swatch ..... a hat :)

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KALS - knittingILove Ravelry group

check knittingIlove KALs knitaHatKAL (open)


Prize ep42 - THIS EPISODE

pattern of your choice under €8 do a bit of math (first check is revelry includes VAT in the price or in the check out) if in the first price you see do this math (123 x price on ravelry) / (100+ digit of your VAT) = Irish price (should be under €8


knittingILove Revelry thread

AUGUST 2017 - WINNER - Bakery Bears (Kay & Dan) - congratulations!!!

Yarn Pimp Podcast (Karen & Danielle) | 4knit_sakes (Allison)

WHAT'S OFF - under each Finish Object video on YouTube you can find a link to the project page where is a link to a pattern

However you can always check

My Project Page on Ravelry


Please check

My Project Page on Ravelry


I bought myself 3 skeins from Tamiwicolors on Etsy, 1 skeins from Comeragh Yarns on Etsy, 2 skeins from Green Elephant Yarn Etsy and needles on

I have received a beautiful gift from Patty from Four Boys and a NL girl Podcast


knittingILove Shop - knittingILove tags, POUCHES and Markers

Patterns Mentioned

YOU CAN FIND THEM HERE My Project Page on Ravelry OR My FAVORITES on Ravelry

Podcasters Mentioned

I have tagged all mentioned in this post on IG - you can clicked at the @ and you will be sent to their IG account when in their bio most of them have links to their channels

If I forgot about something comment on Rav or YouTube and I will add more info here,

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