Scalar Socks with Bergere de France yarn

Most fun I have when I am knitting with yarn that I received as a gift. I know that someone put lots of thought and I have a feeling that it needs to be knitted asap. This amazing yarn from Bergere de France I think I got a year ago if I am not mistaken. I used an orange yarn from TamiWiColours for contrast heels and ribbing. I love over all effect and I can't wait to wear them. These socks are also featured in my FREE TUTORIAL How I knit toe up socks link down below, check it out. I hope you enjoy it.

Mirror Socks with KnitCrate yarn

You probably know by know that I receive a few boxes with KnitCrate and I love knitting things with they yarn especially with they two in-house brands and this is one of them. The yarn is plum and so nice I would may have thought it is not a wool but merino. Anyway, I have promised myself to start knitting gifts for Christmas and the KnitCrate Sock Membership box is something to keep you on track with your socks gift knitting. The yarn inspired me to record my almost an hour long FREE TUTORIAL How I knit toe up socks from the beginning till the end (link down below) and the effect of the yarn colour just blown my mind. I love it so much and would have probably kept the pair but I have knitted it of a male. Lucky whoever gets it.

60, 30, 10 Socks with Drops Fabel

It looks that I may be able to fit in 50g to knit socks, well with my 60, 30, 10 I used 41g but as I want to do 60, 40, 10 I may fit right in with that 50g ball. Anyway, having a full box of Drops Fabel and willingness to used up my stash you may see me having at least one pair of socks on the go, one definitely with Drops Fabel. Good news more of my family members would not mind to receive hand knit socks for their special days, whatever that it and some even during casual day too :D :D :D well I am not that fast yet. I am so happy that I can make others happy and lets keep it that way. When was the last time you knitted a pair for someone who you would like to be happy????

Tie Dye SOCKS from a Sock Blank

Time has come to use my left overs to knit some shortie socks and I love them so much even though they are wonky :D I love the colour so much as it reminds me of a summer and it's a gift yarn and I knitted it during amazing time with friends and hopefully under the video on YouTube I will link that vlog once I publish it soon... or it is already out there. First time ever I knitting it from a one long tube from toe to toe cut the middle and placed afterthought heel after knitting ribbings. Fun knit I am thinking how it would feel to knit on 9inch circulars ... maybe one day I will try. However, if you want to know more and you haven't watched my finished object video yet go and check it out as I tell you more about it. Happy Knitting

Bronzed Berry Stripes with Square Toes SOCKS with Patons Kroy

I received this beautiful yarn Patons Kroy Socks in Bronzed Barry Stripes colour 55615 and I couldn't resist to cast it on straight away. I don't know why that feeling that you have to. This was amazing, a surprise gift from Carmen - thank you so much. The colour of the stripes and knitting them it was a pleasure. I have tried first time ever Square Toes a free pattern on revelry you can find link down below the rest was my standard sock recipe.

Sparkle SOCKS pattern by Barbara Nalewko in Vidalana

First time ever knitting with a stelina content yarn. I am so happy with the colour Garnet and with the content of super wash merino, nylon and stellina. I didn't follow a pattern and as I said in the finish object video I think I will leave it unwritten. Let me know how many of you started short socks knitting season. I think I did. I love these cute, tiny things and they sparkle!!!